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I Am Mother has some really cool apocalyptic sci-fi imagery that aids its incredible world-building. However, the story that populates it doesn’t live up to those technical standards, instead, more concerned with the relationship between a droid and the human child it raises from birth, confining them to a massive underground bunker. “I Am Mother” is set in a high-security bunker sometime in the distant future, when mankind has supposedly been wiped out. By climate change, and apparently by its own worst impulses. Mother — a robot tasked with raising a new generation of humans and voiced by Rose Byrne — lives in the bunker, along with thousands of human embryos. The film is called I Am Mother, and it was one of the most buzzed-about sci-fi discoveries at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. With clear nods to icons in the genre space like James Cameron and Ridley Scott, I Am Mother has the brains of a film like Ex Machina and the grit of a film like Terminator.

Mother references wars and disease and warns Daughter of the mortality of stepping outside their iron tomb. None of these answers are satisfying—nor should they be. Completists take note, though: ‘I Am Mother’ is going to answer most of your questions, the exception rather than the rule in this genre. “I Am Mother” director Grant Sputore’s parentage is obvious: James Cameron crossbred with Ridley Scott. There’s worse families to come from if you’re a young talent entering the world. Like Mother herself, an artificially intelligent robot who springs to life in an air-locked repopulation facility the day the humanity goes extinct. 26/01/2019 · I Am Mother mostly satisfies as another example of smart and slick indie sci-fi. Set in a high-tech bunker deep beneath the earth’s surface, a robot who goes by the moniker “Mother” sets out to repopulate the planet.

I AM MOTHER will have its worldwide premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. I AM MOTHER joins five other Australian films, outstripping the previous record for most Australian films at Sundance set at the 1997 festival. Director Grant Sputore said I AM MOTHER getting into Sundance. 03/02/2019 · KUTV Mankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction. Deep within a vault a cache of human embryos is watched over by a benevolent robot known as Mother. “I Am Mother” works primarily because it is built on a solid foundation. Michael Lloyd Green’s script was featured on the “Black List. I Am Mother una de las mejores películas que se estrenaron en el festival de Sundance será distribuida en salas norteamericanas y también por medio de Netflix. La película debut de Grant Sputore, I Am Mother está causando gran expectativa debido a sus protagonistas: robots. 27/01/2019 · At the Sundance berth of Grant Sputore’s I Am Mother, an Australian sci-fi chiller in need of some trimming, I found myself far more concerned with the production design work than I did its recycled post-apocalyptic scenario, wondering if, many years from now, future denizens will be as obsessed. Please Share!3Please Tweet!3sharesThey Call Me Mother: Sputore Examines What It Means to Be Human in Sci-Fi Debut Australia’s Grant Sputore makes an impressive directorial debut with the adept low-fi sci-fi I Am Mother, examining the man vs. machine dichotomy in a post-apocalyptic world where it seems humankind has devised a failsafe in the.

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